For authors

For authors who want to publish their book in a very short time the e-books are optimal choice. You can publish your e-book easily and with minimum expenses with ABONO publishing.

What you need to do for publication your own e-book? First you have to have your writing prepared. ABONO publishing accepts all literature categories including scientific literature and poetry. Following points provide you basic information step by step:

  • Manuscript: Microsoft World, upper and bottom margin: 3.5 cm; left and right margin: 3 cm; font: Arial; type size: 14, titles: 16 and bold; indentation: none; line spacing: 1.15; space between two paragraphs: 6b before and 6b after the paragraph.
  • Front-page: you can propose your own front page and send us its picture. The picture should be of a good resolution to enable sufficient quality on the www pages. Proportion of the picture sizes: 1 (width) – 1.5 (length). In case you are not enough brave to do your own front page proposal we can do it for you. You will be then invoiced 15,- EUR per hour.
  • Photographs, illustration, tables, graphs and schemes should be sent in stand-alone files.

You should also thing twice if there are necessary pictures or other elements than text. E-books are often read on small devices which are not able properly represent books with pictures, tables and schemes.

Books for which are pictures, tables, schemes, footnote or annotations necessary will be published in PDF format, possibly the PDF format will be prepared to be more convenient for reading on mobile devices. In such case you can discussed further approach with us.

In case that you are not discouraged by the above stated conditions do not hesitate and contact us by email: