It is necessary to have specific software for reading e-books?

In case you do not have an e-book reader which is already equipped with suitable software you need to have installed specific application on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Usually it is enough to use freely available software.  

Which e-book format shall I choose?

It depends especially on the equipment which you want to use for reading and also on the literature which you read. You can find more information in chapters “E-books formats” and “How to read e-books”. 

May I print e-book?

It depends on the protection and an e-book format. Some books may be protected against printing and it is not possible to print them.

What are e-books´ advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages and disadvantages are describes in chapter “What are e-books”.

Which equipment can be used for reading e-books?

E-books bought in our shop can be read on e-books readers, mobile phones, tablets and computers. Specific software for reading e-books has to be installed on some equipment.