We offer within our activities also translation services from English to Czech language. We specialize in translation some specific areas as for example environmental science, biology, agriculture, and plant science but also travel industry and possibly further areas depending on agreement with our clients. To have the final translation correct we discussed the specific terminology with external experts for particular area.

What does it cost?

If you want to have preliminary costing you can contact us via email ( and sent us the text for translation. We estimate accordingly the possible future cost for translation. You can also easily estimate the costs directly from the text on your own. The final costs are dependant on standardised pages which should be translated. One standardise page has 1800 characters including blanks. In Microsoft Office products you have tools how to count characters directly, or indirectly from the amount of words (number of words divided by 250 and the result is number of standardised pages). In non editable formats (pictures, pdf etc.) the number of standardised pages should be counted or simply estimated. The result in such a case is not so precise. Anyway in the beginning it is only estimation and the final costs are dependent on the number of final standardise pages after translation. The difference can vary in the range of ± 15%.     

How to order translation?

The simplest way how to order translation is sent us an email ( where you explain what you would like to have translated. Because we cooperate with external specialist we recommend you to contact us sufficiently in advance. Anyway regarding the final deadline for translation we struggle to oblige our clients. Together with the order please send us also your invoice data. Your order will be confirmed via email and together with confirmation you will be sent cost estimation.


Invoice will be sent by email or in paper form depending on client’s wishes together with final translation. In case of larger order (more than 30 pages) we can invoice several times depending on our agreement with client. The invoice should be paid within 14 days.