How to make an order? 

The following guide shows you how to order a book on the ABONO shop pages.

1. By a click on a book you can see book details. A short description of a book is located under bookmark “More information”: About format, language or level you can learn in bookmark “Parameters”. Short extract from a book is under the bookmark “Download”.  

2. The chosen book is transferred to the shopping cart by clicking on the button “Ad to the shopping cart”. You can add more items in the cart similarly. You can also see the content of the cart by moving the cursor on the cart.

3. With a click on the button “Order” you can start with ordering of the chosen books. The complete shopping is divided in five steps and by clicking on the button “Order” you can reach the first one.

4. You can see the cart content in the first step.  In case you are satisfied with your choice you can confirm it with button “Continue”.

5. Your should create your account in the second step. In case you already have an account on ABONO pages you need only to fill in your email address and password.  In case you are a new customer you need to create new account (see below how to create new account).

6. By signing in your account you proceed to the step three where you can check and possibly change the invoicing address.

7. With confirmation by the button “Continue” you proceed to step four – your agreement with service conditions. First read the conditions and then express your agreement by ticking of the box. Use the again the button “Continue” for moving to further step.

8. The choice of payment method is the last step in making an order. You can choose PayPall payment or payment by bank transfer. Your order is finished by this step and you will be informed by email about that.  

9. You will be immediately diverted on secure www PayPal pages by choosing this payment method and instructed directly by payment service provider.

10. Once your request for payment is accepted by PayPal you will be about it informed by an email.

11. Subsequently you will be sent email with e-books which you have ordered.

12. In case you choose payment by bank transfer the summary of the order will be presented which need to be confirmed. Once the confirmation is done you will see information about payment. Information about payment is also sent via email.

13. Bank account transfer can take one or more days but as soon as we have confirmation about the payment you will be informed and your e-books will be sent to your email address. Please do not forget to indicate variable symbol – number of the order - to enable us to distinguish your payment. 

How to open customer´s account?

You can open customer´s account from the main page of the shop or later when making order. The procedure is in both cases the same.

You fill in first name and family name and email on the first page. Also you chose password which you will use when entering your account. Then confirm by “register”.

Information needed for invoicing and a contact among the shop and a costumer are filled in in the second step. By confirmation on the button “Save” you have just opened your own account on the www pages ABONO.