General terms and conditions

Service provider

Martin Prokop, ABONO, Jírovcova 9, 623 00 Brno, Czech Repulic IČ: 75787300; email:

E-books shop ABONO can be used by physical person or juridical person in compliance with this general terms and conditions.

Shopping and user account

Only users with user account can buy books in our shop. You can obtain not only right to buy books by establishing your user account but also you have information about books you have already bought and you can be also informed about news and actions in ABONO shop.

The purchase itself is done via internet interface which step by step enable users to do very easy the order from the book choice to the payment. Ordered books are than sent to customer on his/her email stated in user account.   

Book price

Book price is stated for every e-book on the ABONO shop. This price is final for a costumer when making the order. The final price is dependent especially on the author wish and his/hers book evaluation.   

Book delivery

Books are delivered directly via email and you can have your book within few minutes.

ABONO guarantees:

The price which was on the pages of the shop next to the book at the time of making order.

Delivery undamaged goods.

Goods delivery in the range of the purchase order.

The ABONO shop is not responsible for the content of the books which were created by third parties.